Welcome To Old Me New Me

I am Mimi Lupin, the author of the program, Old Me New Me. This program incorporates some on the latest brain research findings and was also based on my experiences as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed School Psychologist for 40 years. Over the years, this program has helped thousands of children and been the subject of over 16 published research studies in numerous educational journals. It has been highly effective in helping children and teens reduce anxiety, aggression, frustration, anger and other troubling behaviors so that these youngsters could develop more self control.

Today, current brain research and neuroscientists validate the methods used in this program of mindfulness designed especially for children and teens and sometimes used by adults as well. It has been used in children’s hospitals, schools and by parents in a home setting. It builds self-esteem, increase self-confidence and teaches more appropriate behaviors over time. A very effective way for parents to teach these important concepts to children is have them listen to these stories while in bed preparing for sleep each night over a three month time period. Counselors often use this program in a counseling situation and recommend that the program be used at home for both children and teens.

Psychologists frequently use this program for children and teens who have experienced trauma because of family issues such as divorce, serious illnesses, or even victims of sexual trafficking. At the same time, it is used for lesser traumas as well such as learning to deal with stress in general.

Dr. Lendell Braud of Houston, Texas, conducted research on the trauma experienced by the children of Katrina and found that those children who used the Old Me New Me Program had little remaining effects of the trauma they experienced compared to those children who did not use it. Dr. Braud uses the program on a regular basis in her counseling practice and has found it highly effective with children in protective services as well as those in drug abuse programs. She has developed an art therapy program used in conjunction with the Old Me New Me program for those with more serious emotional issues.

The Program today consists of 12 downloadable stories to be used over a three to four-month period of time.

Old Me New Me takes children on wise entertaining journeys that teaches them to stop and think before acting and learn important skills to handle stress that can last a lifetime.