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Old Me New Me Programs are researched based.

This transforming, rejuvenating and life-enriching program is research based with proven results. Relaxing and stress relieving, this programincludes 11 Stories and 2 Relaxation Exercises.

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Relaxation And Story Audios

1.Relaxation Exercises–Helps children identify tension in their bodies by experiencing difference between tension and relaxation. 2. Slow Relax– Teaches children how to breathe correctly and take a deep breath in difficult situations in order to calm down and de-escalate situations.
3.  Trip to the Beach- Teaches children that they have control over their bodies and mental attitudes.
4. Old Me New Me–Emphasizes that children can change and with the use of relaxation techniques, they can change for the better.
5. Walk in the Woods- Teaches children the importance of cooperation in their relationships with others and emphasizes family relationships.
6. Trip to a Star-This story helps to develop self-power that can help a child develop self-control and increases self-esteem. This story is particularly helpful for children who feel like a victim and may feel hopeless.
7. Trip to the Mountain- Children learn the importance of self confidence in their everyday lives.
8. Yes I Know I Can-This story helps children develop patience with themselves and teaches that one does not have to be perfect.
9. Secret Place- The story takes children to a special place to realize they can develop inner wisdom and intuition. It also emphasizes that they have inner resources they can use.
10.   Robin and the Magic Kingdom- This audio teaches how to deal with conflicts in ways other than fighting or hurting others with our words.
11.  Robin Returns- Reveals that changing the way we think can help us change the way we act and feel.
12. Magic Mountain Part I –Teaches children that each of us has an internal golden compass that knows what is right and if we listen, the compass can lead us in the right direction and helps us stay out of trouble.
13.  Magic Mountain Part II- Teaches children that we cannot change the negative events from the past but that we can learn to let go of the negative feelings related to that past. And when we learn to let go, we then have a choice to bring in positive feelings to replace the negative emotions.