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The following positive self-talk statements can be put on individual posters in the child’s room to remind him of positive statements that can be used daily.

My World Can be A Better Place

1. Facing problems takes courage. I have courage because I believe in myself.
2. When I am upset, I can stop, take a deep breath and calm down.
3. Calming down helps me to think before I act so that I can stay in control.
4. Calming down and thinking positive thoughts will help me make good choices.
5. I can learn from my mistakes, and forgive myself.
6. I can learn something new if I am patient with myself and take small steps.
7. I am responsible for my own actions and do not blame others.
8. I can express myself without hurting others with my words.
9. I have a special purpose and my talents can make the world a better place.
10. I can choose how I want to act so I can be my best self.
11. I can be honest with my words and actions and do what I know is right.
12. I like feeling peaceful and I can always choose peaceful thoughts.

My World Can be A Better Place

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