Dear Parent or Counselor

The following directions will help your student or child/teen obtain the best results. This program is effective for children from four to eighteen. Research has been done with children of all ages. For best results, this program should be used over a 12 week period. The child/teen needs to listen to an audio story 2-3 times a week. However, it can be done in six weeks if the audios are used 4-6 times a week. Your child should learn to relax and become aware that he/she has control over their mind and body. This will help them learn to deal more effectively with upsetting situations. As a result, your child will obtain a greater self control, self confidence, self esteem, and get along better with others. University research found that the Old Me New Me helps decrease anxiety, anger, aggression, frustration and other negative emotions that children and teens frequently experience. The program also increases self-control, concentration, optimism, self-esteem, and many aspects of resiliency. These researchers obtained the best results when adhering to the following directions.