“Thank you so much, Mimi for the Trip to a Star meditation. I found your website through an email listing of meditation audios to help release anxiety. Even though this meditation is for children, I have received great benefit from it. I listen to it almost every night before going to bed.”

-Kellon Mahon

“I have noticed a big improvement in my stress level at work. I am able to sit through meetings more comfortably and calmly than before. I am able to breathe deeply and listen to what others are saying without getting caught up in my own anxiety. One day while walking up the stairs to the office I had a thought about how the old me would have handled a situation and how the new me can handle it differently now! Thanks again! Much love.”

-Emily, Maine USA

“I used the OLD ME NEW ME audio series for many years during social skills classes with severely emotionally disturbed children. Even students who were a little resistant to try them began to love them. My students would beg to listen these audios. I highly recommend this program.”

-M. Peters, San Antonio, TX, USA

Behavior Specialist

“Old Me, New Me” is a wonderful program that gives children a warm and comforting experience of going within and creating calm out of anxiety and stress. Children have a natural ability to use their imagination and OMNM taps into this skill. As the listener is guided to the Mountain, the Ocean or the Magic Kingdom, their minds become focused, calm and their bodies relax all of this while enjoying the majestic imagery they can create in their rich, technicolor and high definition brains. OMNM gives kids a powerful tool that they can use for the rest of their lives. I highly recommend this product.”

-Ray Erickson, LCSW, Sacramento, CA, USA

“I use the Old Me New Me extensively in the clinic and I am constantly impressed with how effective and helpful these tapes (audios) are” Eugene Walker, Ph.D. Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, (retired).

-University of Oklahoma Health Science Center,

Oklahoma City, OK, USA